My name is Olha Maksymenko. I’m a highly-qualified English teacher with a lot of experience in working with individual students as well as groups. I provide quality teaching, work officially and with pleasure!

Modern studying resources of Pearson, Cambridge, Oxford, NGL are a great alternative to the school program which provide extra practice of English for your children as well as develop your children’s communication and interpersonal skills and broaden their horizons. This year I am using Team Together courses (Primary School), Go Getter and Solutions (Secondary School) and Gold Experience (High School). You can choose for your child to study individually, in pairs or groups.
Engaging courses at all levels for adults give you a chance to maintain or improve your existing level of English (both General or Business) or start from scratch. Speakout and Business Partner series from Pearson allow you to learn authentic and up-to-date material while having a lot of speaking and listening practice as well as watching videos. Join as an individual student, bring a friend to study together or become a part of a group.
Taking an exam has never been easy so why not take an assistance course for exam preparation? Whatever exam you will do, the courses provide an extensive revision of grammar and vocabulary as well as teach you how to create a required piece of writing. Moreover, you get familiar with the exam structure and types of tasks and practice your time management. Will be glad to help you or your child with it!

My experience allows me to create any course you will be interested in taking, either it is a short course in preparation for a job interview or a long-term program in developing some of your language skills. Anything that suits your needs!